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July Tourney
Updates are all completed!!!
Homerun Leaderboard
Videos are Finally Up! :) We've finally had weather that allowed us to get the camera out. :) Click here to access them!
 Name Team Total
Andrew The Leftovers  10 
Devin Artful Dodgers 
Ken Full House 
Artful Dodgers 
Ryan Mad Batters 
Dave A Blue Angels in the Outfield 
Derek The Leftovers 
James Inglorious Batters 
A.C. Sultans of Swing 
Kyle Stray Bats 
Paul Full House
Berry Sultans of Swing 
Chris The Leftovers 
Taylor Mad Batters 
Peter Mad Batters 
Brandon Mad Batters 
Leon Blue Star Bombers 
Kyle Full House 
Alex Inglorious Batters 
Wally Sultans of Swing 
Chris S Artful Dodgers 
Dave D Blue Angels in the Outfield 
Darren The Leftovers 
Peter Quit Yer Pitchin' 
Roy I'd Hit That 
Levi We Got Wood 
Chris Inglorious Batters 
David Blue Star Bombers 
Corey Tragically Hit 
Marcus Artful Dodgers 
Russell Sultans of Swing 
Sam Sultans of Swing 
Mark We Got Wood 
Blake Royal City Hunreals 
Justin Pitches Be Crazy 
Craig Tragically Hit 
Tristan Baaad Pitches 
Kyle L Blue Star Bombers 
Ryan Sultans of Swing 
Jordan Blue Angels in the Outfield 
Nathan Blue Angels in the Outfield 
Jood Royal City Hunreals 
Mase Sultans of Swing  
Ryan We Got Wood 
James Mad Batters 
Joseph I'd Hit That 
Shane Full House
Warren Blue Angels in the Outfield 
Blake Quit Yer Pitchin' 
Mike Pitches Be Crazy 
Andrew Artful Dodgers 
Adam Royal City Hunreals 
Brad Full House 
Evan I'd Hit That 
Eric I'd Hit That