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Congratulations to Blue Angels in the Outfield! The First team to ever repeat as Champions! Congratulations to Caught Lookin' for their run to the finals!
 Player Team Total
Sheldon Glove Shack  12
James Inglorious Batters  10   
Ryan Blue Angels in the Outfield   9
Will Nice Snatch   9
Taylor Mad Batters   7
Shane Full House   7 
Blake Royal City Hunreals   6 
Mike Pitches Be Crazy   6 
Ryan B Sultans of Swing   6 
Andrew The Leftovers   6
Devin Artful Dodgers   6
Nick Sons of Pitches   5    
Terry Artful Dodgers   5   
Marcus Caught Lookin'   5
Chris Inglorious Batters   5 
Paul Full House   5
Brandon Mad Batters   5 
Darren The Leftovers   4 
Mike Mad Batters   4
Bill Caught Lookin'   4 
Rob Sons of Pitches   4
Mike Caught Lookin'   4 
Ron Caught Lookin'   4 
Kevin We Got Wood   4   
Greg Full House   4 
Mike B
Bust N Balls
Pat Blue Angels in the Outfield   4    
Ryan We Got Wood   4 
Nick Artful Dodgers   4 
Shayne Glove Shack   5
Dave D Blue Angels in the Outfield   4
Scott The Leftovers   4 
Wise Royal City Hunreals   4
Ken Full House   3   
Ryan Sons of Pitches   3
Kyle Inglorious Batters   3  
Dave Sons of Pitches   3
Jay Nice Snatch   3  
James Mad Batters   3
A.C. Sultans of Swing   3
Dave A Blue Angels in the Outfield   3 
Jood Royal City Hunreals   3
Tim Nice Snatch    3 
Glove Shack
Pie Artful Dodgers   3  
Daryl Blue Angels in the Outfield   2
Danny Pitches Be Crazy   2
A.P. Royal City Hunreals    2
Roy I'd Hit That   2
Peter Mad Batters    2
Donovan Inglorious Batters   2
Kyle Full House   2   
Matt Royal City Hunreals   2 
Craig Caught Lookin'   2 
Chris The Leftovers   2
Ryan Breaking Balls   2
Ash We Got Wood   2
Brian Waiting Listers   2  
Peter Bat Flip Crazy   2 
Phil Mad Batters   2
Adam Inglorious Batters   2
Sandy Sultans of Swing   2
Nick Glove Shack   2
Niall Pitches Be Crazy   2
Pie Man Pitches Be Crazy   2 
Josh Double Saturdays   1  
Rob I'd Hit That   1
Chris Bat Flip Crazy   1 
Will We Got Wood   1  
Mitch Double Saturdays   1   
Mason Double Saturdays   1
Kyle Sleeman Brew Jays   1
Ryan Mad Batters   1   
Russell Sultans of Swing    1
Justin Breaking Balls    1
Stu The Leftovers    1 
Matt The Leftovers   1 
Dave Breaking Balls    1 
Jordan Blue Angels in the Outfield    1
Sean The Leftovers   1
Derek The Leftovers   1
Jason Breaking Balls   1
Jeff Royal City Hunreals    1 
Chad Artful Dodgers   1 
Carl Bat Flip Crazy   1 
Ed Glove Shack   1
Brandon Glove Shack   1
John Inglorious Batters    1 
Jake Caught Lookin'   1  
Wally Sultans of Swing    1 
Chris We Got Wood   1
Chad Sons of Pitches    1 
Tim Bust N Balls   1 
Brad Full House    1 
Evan Royal City Hunreals    1 
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