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The moment Kyle becomes a LEGEND!! :) Watch below!!!
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Kyle gets it right this time! :) See below!
We have a new Facebook Page! We know it has been a while since we posted to the league Facebook page, and we apologize for that! We've had a tough time signing in to that page, so we've started a new one. Please click the link below and Follow us on this page. There's a BIG announcement being posted on there right now! :)
New Facebook Page!!!
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 Name Team  HR 
Mad Batters
Brad Inglorious Batters  9 
Taylor Mad Batters  8
Jay Pitches Be Crazy  8
Neil Dingers et al.  7
Mad Batters  7
Paul Dingers et al.  6
Love Mad Batters  5
T.J. Stray Bats  5 
Matt Artful Dodgers  5
Chris Inglorious Batters  5
Andrew The Leftovers  4
Devin Artful Dodgers   4 
Greg Full House  4
Jeremy Dingers et al.  4
Hinchey Misfits  4
Paul Full House  4
Ryley Dingers et al.  4
Kevin Sunday Swingers  3
Ken Full House  3
Brad Full House   3 
Jeff Inglorious Batters  3
Derek The Leftovers  3
Mike Pitches Be Crazy  3
Roy Misfits  3
Chris The Leftovers  3
James Inglorious Batters  3
Alex Choke & Pokes  2  
Evan Sunday Swingers  2
Blair Baaad Pitches  2
Dylan The Un-Wanted  2
Taylor Brews on First  2
Sab Pitches Be Crazy  2
Carter Sunday Swingers  2
Shaun  The Leftovers.   2
Thomas Choke & Pokes   2
John The Un-Wanted  1
Willma Choke & Pokes  1
Kyle Stray Bats  1
Phil Choke & Pokes  1
Mike Brews on First  1
James  Choke & Pokes   1
Jamie Baaad Pitches  1
Andrew Pitches Be Crazy  1 
Christian Dingers et al.  1
Donovan  Inglorious Batters   1 
Steve Artful Dodgers   1
John  Inglorious Batters   1
Mark Inglorious Batters   1
Simon Brews on First  1
Tristan Baaad Pitches   1
Eric Misfits  1 
Mike  Stray Bats   1
Craig Brews on First  1
Brett Misfits   1
Peter C Mad Batters   1
Andrew Dingers et al.   1
Chris Dingers et al.  1 
Brian Artful Dodgers   1