1. Have fun! This is a league where friendly competition is encouraged, but bad behaviour is not. Arguing with umpires or other players will NEVER be tolerated. All umpires calls are final. If there is any excessive abuse, the offending player will be suspended until they have volunteered their time to umpire a game. The definition of excessive abuse will be at the discretion of the umpire or convenors. If the player refuses to ump then suspensions will be determined by the convenors.

1a) All players are expected to treat EVERYONE in the league with RESPECT AT ALL TIMES! Disrespect and Bullying will NEVER be tolerated. Any abuse by a player will be met with the appropriate punishment.

2. Only the team representative may ask for a rule interpretation from the umpire. If the team rep is not at the game, the umpire will only discuss rules/calls with a rep who was present at ground rules. If neither rep is able to discuss a call (ejection, injury etc.) the umpire may appoint a team rep to discuss rules/calls with.

3. There will be 10 players on the field, a minimum of 4 girls. A team can play with 3 girls if they are unable to field 4. If a team has 3 girls, only 9 players are allowed on the field. All 3 girls must be on the field at all times. A team can play with as few as 8 players as long as they have at least 3 girls. A team can play with 7 players if the opposing team is willing to lend them a catcher. The catcher will only be responsible for throwing the ball back to the pitcher, and is not required to participate in any live ball plays. If the teams agree, the loaned catcher can participate fully in the play. At the teams discretion, if one team has less than 3 girls the teams may still play. The teams can work out fielding arrangements etc. If fielding arrangements cannot be worked out, the game will be forfeited with a 7-0 score.

4. If a team is short they may borrow 1 player from other teams in the league. This rule does not apply to the playoffs. Teams must use their own players in the playoffs. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can a player play that is not affiliated with the league. All players MUST be on the team roster to be eligible to play. Anyone caught bringing in ineligible players will be suspended or expelled at the discretion of the convenors.

4a) A team must have at least 6 of their own players to be able to borrow a sub. If they have less than 6, the game is a forfeit. Teams must contact us to request subs. If a team recruits without our permission, the recruited players may (at our discretion) not be allowed to play.

5. There will be a "big ball" for the male batters to hit with and a "small ball" for the female batters. The small ball travels further off the bat and this will allow all players the same ability to hit the ball with power. A female may choose to hit with the big ball if she wants. She must inform the umpire before her at bat. Once she has made that choice for that at bat, she may not switch to the small ball until her next at bat.

6. Each team will be allowed unlimited courtesy runners from home plate. If an injury occurs while the batter reaches base a courtesy runner can be used on a base as well. The intention of this rule is to allow injured players the chance to rest and is not intended for a speed upgrade. At the umpires (or convenors) discretion he/she may deny a courtesy runner if he/she feels that this is the reason for the request. (Please note that the runner is to be used for a legitimate injury and not in the case of being "sore". Please don't abuse the spirit of this rule!) The courtesy runner must be the same sex and must be the last out of that sex. If a team is caught abusing this rule they can/will face a forfeit or other penalties.

7. There will be a commitment line drawn halfway between 3rd base and home. If the runner crosses the line (touches the ground on the other side of the line with any part of their body), he/she must go home. The runner must not step on home plate, they must cross the line drawn as an extension of home plate. There is no tagging allowed between the commitment line and home plate, but a tag can be made between 3rd base and the commitment line.

8. The pitcher must throw the ball with an arc of at least 6 feet. For a male batter the arc is unlimited, for a female batter (unless specifically requested by the female for the same rule as the males) the arc must be no higher than 10 feet.

9. A team cannot bat more than 2 males in a row. However, if a team has more than a 2 to 1 ratio male to female, the team may rotate their females through the empty batting position. The order that the females go through this empty position must be discussed and confirmed by the opposing team rep, and the umpire prior to the game starting.

10. The base paths will be 65 feet.

11. The games will be 9 innings in length. A mercy rule will be in effect- 20 up to the 5th, 15 runs after 6 or 10 runs after 7.

11a) While there is no official mercy rule per inning, if captains agree to a number at groundrules, that rule will be implemented for that game.

11b) If an inning mercy is not agreed upon, a team batting may still call for a mercy during their at bat. At that point, the half inning is over and teams switch positions. Beware! If your team chooses to do this, the other team is not obligated to reciprocate!

12. If a male batter is walked (with a 4-0 count) with a female on deck, the male batter is automatically awarded second base. The female batter has the option to hit, or to advance to first base without having to bat. This rule is intended for NEW females who are learning to hit. Females who can hit (OR HAVE EXPERIENCE PLAYING BALL WHETHER IT BE IN THIS LEAGUE LAST YEAR OR ANY OTHER LEAGUE) are not allowed to use the free walk. Any attempt to abuse this rule will result in an automatic out, and potential discipline for the teams captain for allowing the female to attempt to take the walk. After the last game before the July Tournament, the male will still be awarded second base but the female MUST HIT.

13. A player must play in at least 7 regular season games to be playoff eligible. Teams cannot use players from other teams in the playoffs. Teams must use players that are on the roster and have played in at least 7 regular season games. The deadline for adding players to your roster is the Monday after the July tournament. No new players can be added after this time. In a rare case, exceptions may be granted if okayed by the convenors.

13a) Opening Day Rosters must be submitted by April 15th. Players not on this roster will be ineligible for the July Tournament. Players on the opening day roster must play in 4 regular season games to be eligible for the July Tournament.

14. A game must go at least 5 innings or 80 minutes to be considered official. No new inning can start after 80 minutes. If a game gets suspended due to rain/darkness etc. the game will be continued the following week from the last completed half inning. The lineups do not have to be the same as when the game was suspended.

15. If the time limit expires while the home team is batting (and leading) the game will stop and the score will revert back to where the home team took the lead for the final time. If the home team has the lead going into the bottom of what turns out to be the last inning, none of the runs they score in that last inning will count. If the home team is losing they are allowed to complete their at bat.

16. Any player arriving late can be added to the roster provided the team has not gone through the entire batting order. The male-female ratio must still be respected. If the team has gone through the batting order then they must get permission from the other team to add the player to the end of the batting order. If this request is denied, the player would have to sub in for another team mate, but this other team mate would then be out of the game. If the ratio is compromised by the late arriving player, the team must rotate their females through a space at the bottom of the lineup in order to keep the male-female ratio in tact.

17. Anyone caught consuming alcohol or drugs at the park or in the parking lot will be expelled from the league. There will be zero tolerance in respect to this rule. If it appears that you are playing under the influence and you are deemed to be unsafe, you will be asked to leave the game immediately. If this persists from week to week, you will be suspended or expelled. Please refrain from drinking until after the game when you've returned home safe, or have arrived at a licensed establishment. It is too dangerous to participate while being under the influence. Please, PLEASE do not break this rule!

18. All bats must have an ASA Stamp, an NSA approved stamp or the USSSA 1.20 BPF stamp.

19. When a team hits a homerun or a foul ball, it will be their responsibility to retrieve the ball. This will help speed up the game.

20. There will be no "dead ball" appeals. Appeals based on live ball plays will still be entertained. For an explanation please see the convenors.

21. If a player is Pregnant: For safety reasons, for the possible detrimental effect that such participation may have on other players’ performance, and for the potential adverse affect on other players enjoyment, we would strongly encourage pregnant players to not play. If you are pregnant or planning on getting pregnant please do not sign up! No refunds will be issued for pregnant players. Please take this into consideration before you think about joining!

22. We will be using a chalk line at the front of the plate representing the front of the batters box. Any player that steps one foot (or both) completely in front of the line while swinging (whether they make contact or not) will be called out. This rule is for the safety of the infielders and will NEVER CHANGE.

23. No bunting! If a batter bunts, the ball is dead and the batter is out. This does not include the "Swinging Bunt" where the batter has a full swing but only hits the ball a few feet.

24. Homerun Rule - 3+ differential. A team cannot be more than 3 homeruns ahead of their opposition at any time. If a team is at their +3 and they hit another homerun, the ball is dead and the batter is out. This rule will only apply at Exhibition 1.

25. Leadoffs - They are NOT allowed. There is no anticipation rule. If your foot leaves the bag before the ball is hit, you are out.

26. DON'T HOP THE FENCE!!! Unless a play on a live ball causes the player to fall over the fence, the player and the team captain will be ejected. The batting team is responsible to get foul or homerun balls out of play. Please respect the city property!

27. Infielders must play no closer than the baseline until the ball is hit. The first offence will be a warning. Each subsequent offence will award the batter first base if the ball has not been hit. If the ball has been hit, the batter can be awarded 1st base, or take the consequences of their swing ( If the batter hits a double, it would seem silly to award them 1st base :) ).

28. Forfeits - If your team is going to forfeit, we need to know no later than Noon on Friday before the game. That way we can let the other team know not to come to the diamond. Your team will get 1 "freebie". After the first offence, if you do not let us know by the deadline and you forfeit, your team will be fined $50 and this fee must be paid to the team whose time you wasted before your next game. Your team will not be allowed to play another game until that fine has been paid.

29. Score Reporting - After each half inning the batting team reports the score for that at bat to the umpire. The umpire will confirm the total with the other team. Once that number is confirmed the umpire writes it on the umpire game sheet. Once the first pitch has been thrown to start the next half inning the score cannot be changed. Please read your scorebook carefully before reporting the score. :)

30. Roster size can be no more than 25 players. If it's good enough for Major League Baseball, it's good enough for us! :)

Please make sure your lineup is filled out on the Umpire's game sheet ASAP. Umpires will be checking the sheet before the start of every game. The longer it takes to get filled out, the less time you'll have to play.

Helmets - As of right now helmets are not mandatory. However, we would strongly, strongly encourage everyone participating to wear one! As we get older our coordination begins to deteriorate. When you think about it, it is kinda silly to remove equipment as we become more prone to injury! Just sayin'! :)
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