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May 1st 2010 sees the launch of the Guelph Coed Slopitch League. While mother nature didn't completely co-operate, nothing could dampen the spirits of the 6 teams that took the field that day for their first two games. At the homerun derby 10 competitors slugged it out for the right to be named champion. The first round was pretty uneventful having only 3 players (Todd Swift, Taylor Dekking and Adam Mclean) put a ball over the fence. The finals were a different story however. Taylor lead off the finals with an incredible 11 homeruns setting the stage for an exciting finish. Adam went second and hit some balls deep but unfortunately was eliminated. Todd went last and after a couple of quick outs began hitting moonshots! However with 10 homeruns and 9 outs Todd ran out of gas and the leagues first homerun derby championship went to Taylor Dekking.

May 2nd sees the first league games for the Guelph Coed Slopitch League played. The first pitch flew at 2:01pm with Louise McCluskey throwing to Colin Libiec who hit a single to centre field.

On July 10th we held our first mid-season tournament with great success. The round robin saw the Mad Batters go 3-0 and The A Team go 2-1. There was a 4-way tie for the last 2 spaces in the semi finals! Greenway earned the 3rd semi final spot and Mac Tools checked in with the final spot in the semi's. Greenway and Mac Tools were overpowered in the semi's so it was The A Team and Mad Batters in the finals. The Mad Batters got out to a fast start in the finals and never looked back winning 16-6.

On the final day of the regular season 1st place was still up for grabs as well as last place. The Mad Batters made quick work of the Bat'titudes and Mac Tools to win the Pennant. Despite much trash talk from Greenway Captain Josh Peer, in the last game versus Pennywhistle to decide 5th place, Greenway failed to score a run in a 15-0 loss.

The playoffs were a completely different story. The Bat'titudes went 3-0 and the mighty Pennywhistle PNS shocked everyone with an 16-14 win over the Mad Batters and a 23-11 spanking of Mac Tools and finished 2nd. Mac Tools finished 3rd with a 2-1 record, and the shock of the tournament was the prohibitive favourite Mad Batters being edged out of the last semi final spot by Greenway.

In the semi finals Mac Tools returned the 23-11 victory over Pennywhistle and Greenway began their power display with more homeruns than anyone can remember.

The finals saw Greenway continue hitting homeruns all the way to the championship. Congrats Greenway on an incredible turn around from last in the regular season to 1st when it counts!
After a busy offseason of recruiting, the Guelph Coed Slopitch League secured another 7 teams going from 6 teams to 13! Mac Tools and The A Team are re-named to Jeters Never Prosper and Sons of Pitches. Our May 1st Tournament is rained out so our first games take place on May 8th. The first pitch flew at 9:05am with "Chunkz" throwing to Nate Benson. Despite much trash talk (again!) by the Greenway captain Joshee Poo (as he's now affectionately known) the re-match of the 2010 finals was anti-climactic at best with Jeters Never Prosper spanking Greenway 38-16. MasterBatters, Braving The Elements, Brew Jays, Aristabats, Active Therapeutic, Sultans of Swing and Metalumen all made their debuts with varying degrees of success.

The mid-season tournament was very exciting this year with lots of great games and awesome finishes. The MasterBatters finally won their first game of the season in the round robin! The surprise of the tournament was 2-9 Metalumen going 3-0! They won their semi final game and went on to face Active Therapeutic. Active Therapeutic also went 3-0 in the round robin and won a hard fought semi final against the Brew Jays. Active continued their momentum defeating Metalumen in the finals 14-12, scoring their last 2 runs in the last inning.

The homerun derby went to "sudden death" with Todd Swift winning the derby over Tim Kostal.
What a great weekend of ball! Expect the unexpected describes this years playoffs perfectly. The 1st seeded Mad Batters and the 2nd seeded Brew Jays moved on to the Semi Finals with ease both going 3-0 in their divisions. After that, nobody could have predicted what happened next. 10th seed Braving the Elements surprised everyone (Including themselves! We were told that many of the team had other plans for Sunday afternoon.) by going 3-0 beating 3rd seed Bat'titudes, 6th seed Sultans of Swing and 10th seed Pennywhistle PNS.

With all 3 division winners determined the Wildcard lived up to its name. With the Aristobats, Sultans of Swing and Jeters Never Prosper finishing with records of 2-1, they all needed some help from the MasterBatters. Sons of Pitches had gone 2-0 with 1 of those wins coming over the Jeters for the first time in their existence. With a win or a tie against the MasterBatters the Sons of Pitches would guarantee themselves the Wildcard. A loss would force a 4-way tie and force Louise and Mike to do some math. :) In the bottom of the last inning down 3 with 2 out and 2 runners on, the Sons of Pitches hit a 3 run homerun to tie the game! The game would end in a 14-14 tie sending the Sons to the semis and keeping the calculators in the car. :)

The semi finals were also very exciting. The Brew Jays held off a late surge by Braving to win 10-5 and the Sons of Pitches shocked everyone again by beating the Mad Batters for the first time ever (11-8)!

Sons of Pitches ran out of gas in the Finals and the Brew Jays went on to win their 1st title. Congratulations Brew Jays!
2011 Playoffs
The league expands from 13 teams to 16 teams with the 16th team literally coming together 4 days before the season starts! The first pitch leaves Kurt Felker's hand at 9:05am and lands at the feet of Celina Reid to kick off the 2012 season. The defending champion Brew Jays make quick work of the finalist Sons of Pitches 15-8 in the 2011 finals re-match.

On Canada Day the first Allstar Game was played between Team Odd (Name changed to Eccentric at gametime) vs. Team Even. Team Eccentric shot out to a 7-0 lead in the first inning and looked to be in the drivers seat. But Team Even answered back with 8 in the second inning, and never looked back winning 22-15. Patty Horack and Neil earn Allstar Game MVP honours.

Before the game the 3rd annual Homerun Derby took place. Brad took home the trophy as the 2012 Derby Champion!

July 7th-8th has the July Tournament take place. After some exciting finishes in each division to determine the semi finalists, the Mad Batters make quick work of the Brew Jays and Jeters Never Prosper to win their 2nd July Tournament.
What another fantastic playoff! 2012 was another playoff to remember. We've been asked to call it (and so we will) the "Rainbow Playoffs". It could be a reference to the colours of dirt, blood and bruises some players sustained during the playoffs but the explanation is far more simpler. There was a double rainbow during the championship game! So beautiful..... alright focus! Back to the playoffs!

The Mad Batters made quick work of the Spyke Division going 3-0 swinging for the fences. After that, nothing was what it was supposed to be. That's why we play the games! :)

The biggest surprise of the tournament was 14th seed Got Balls? playing incredible ball and winning the Short Shorts division going 3-0! Got balls? was the 2nd team to punch their ticket to the semi finals. The second biggest surprise was the 13th seed Sultans of Swing. The Sultans had a down regular season from 2011 but bounced back in the playoffs going 2-0-1 and were the first team to check into the semis out of the High Socks division.

The most exciting finish was in the Tazz division. 2nd seed Turf Appeal and 7th seed Bat'titudes were 2-0 going into their head to head matchup on Sunday to determine the division. The Bat'titudes jumped out to a big early lead but Turf Appeal clawed back to tie the game with 1 inning to go! But in the final inning Bat'titudes scored 4 which was a deficit too big for Turf Appeal to overcome.

Semi Final #1 Had the Mad Batters making Quick work of the Sultans after a close couple of early innings. Semi Final #2 was much closer with the Bat'titudes jumping out to an early lead, Got Balls? fighting back to make it close, only to have the Bat'titudes take the wind out of their sails with a big final inning.

The finals were close for 3 innings with the Bat'titudes having missed 3 big opportunities to wrestle the lead away from the Mad Batters. The Mad Batters weathered 3 bases loaded jams early and used that momentum to propel themselves to victory. Congratulations Mad Batters!
2012 Playoffs
In spite of a couple of weasels who tried to destroy the league with lies about us, nobody believed their nonsense and the league expands to 21 teams! Amazing!! The 2013 season kicks off with Stevie G throwing the first pitch to Justin of Turf Appeal.

This opening day was even more remarkable for 2 reasons. We played in the snow (eat your heartout 1977 Blue Jays!), and Kathleen from Jeters Never Prosper was the first woman to hit an over the fence homerun in league history. Incredible!

The Allstar Festivities were amazing with Justin B of Pitcher Perfect winning the homerun derby in a slug fest.
The game itself was even better than the derby. Both teams battled back and forth for all 9 innings. With two outs in the bottom of the 9th Ken "Clutch" Wilson hits the game winning walk off homerun off the left field foul pole. What a game!

The July Tournament was too good for words! Caught Lookin' and the Mad Batters made quick work of their divisions to get a bye into the semi finals. The surprise of the tournament was the mighty PNS going 3-0 to win their division! They would run out of steam against Turf Appeal in the quarter finals, but it was still a great run. :) Caught Lookin' outlasted Turf Appeal in the semi finals to await the winner of Mad Batters vs. Pitcher Perfect. Pitcher Perfect stormed out to an early lead in the first inning before the skies opened up and biblical rains poured down. Slip and Slide was now being played in the outfield grass instead of ball! :) The game was re-scheduled. In the re-match, the Mad Batters had a much better start and held a lead into the last inning. Pitcher Perfect came all the way back with a big last inning rally, only to fall 1 run short! Congrats Mad Batters on your 3rd July Tourney Championship in 4 years!

The first annual Help Strikeout Hunger Event was another fantastic day! We raised 415 pounds for the Guelph Food Bank and had a wonderful day. It was a great battle between the Guelph Coed Slopitch Allstars vs. The City of Guelp Celebrity Stars. Ken Wilson once again hit a 9th inning 2 out game winning homerun! Will he have a 3rd big hit in the playoffs? Stay tuned!